4 stars · Contemporary · Millionaire · Romance

Persy and the Prince


By Jane Myers Perrine


Mary Persistence Marsh left a life of high society, corporate law, and family pressures to become Persy Marsh, odd-jobber and do-gooder. She holds various jobs at a hotel run by the uptight, handsome Jordan Prince. After an uncomfortable run in, Jordan asks her out but they clash over many subjects, especially the employees’ demand for a safe pathway between the neighborhood and hotel.

Once Persy is robbed and hurt while walking home, Jordan changes his mind on the issue. He also loosens up long enough to allow Persy to install a successful recycling program at the hotel.

Persy meets Jordan’s parents at a party and is immediately fearful that Jordan wants her to become like one of the high society women he used to date and that she used to be. She breaks off their relationship, but realizes after Jordan is hurt that they may be meant to be together.



My review

I liked the book. Maybe I shouldn’t have read it straight after reading the fantastic “The Mad Herringtons” from the same author. In comparison, it is just not as good. I liked Jordan, but Persy was sometimes just too much. Overall, a great romance without any sex scenes.


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