2 stars · Contemporary · Mystery · Romance

Wish of the Heart – Fountain of Love


By Malia Mallory

22371534[1]Macie Connor can’t resist throwing a penny in Bethesda Fountain every time she goes on a date–even though the date never works out. Who knows? Maybe luck will smile on her this time. 

Or maybe she’s just unlucky, like her dead sister Karen.

Karen’s handsome ex-boyfriend Rylan wants Macie to help him find her sister’s killer. All she wants is to put it behind her–and end her attraction to a man she can’t have. But the closer they get to the murderer, the closer danger draws them together.

My review

I really like the first few chapters, I liked Marcie and her search for the “Right One” and the mystery of her sister’s murder. But, unfortunately, I didn’t like the rest of the book. The transition of Marcie’s opinion of Rylan from suspected murderer to boyfriend material was too abrupt. From “I’m not talking to you, you may have murdered my sister” at the first meeting to having sex at the second meeting, that’s too quick. The pace of the first part was good, but then it got more jumpy. It reminded me of a theatre piece with different scences but no good transition between the scences. I wonder if the book started out as a full-length book and was later shortend to a novella.


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