2 stars · Regency · Romance

Rogue in Red Velvet (The Emperors of London #1)


22041170[1]By Lynne Connolly

When respectable country widow Connstance Rattigan finds herself in a notorious London brothel instead of at the altar, only one person can save her from the auction block.Alex Vernon, Lord Ripley, walked away from Connie once before, when he discovered she was engaged. Now that her fiancé has betrayed her, he doesn’t intend to leave her again.Once he has made love to her, Alex feels the situation is resolved. He’ll marry her. But Connie has other ideas.

Only three problems to solve—Connie signed a marriage contract as binding as the marriage ceremony with someone else, she’s disgraced in the eyes of society, and she won’t marry him until her name is cleared.

My review
The book is well enough written, but everything happens sooooo slowly, I got bored and only read the first and the last chapter. I’m easily bored (or have a short attention span as my husband calls it), I want to be captivated by the story in a “can’t put the book down” kind of way. The story line is promising, so if you don’t mind a slow pace, give the book a try.

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