4 stars · Contemporary · Romance

Misbehaving in Miami (Summer Flings #2)



22724321[1]By Aimee Duffy
Part 2 of Summer Flings – a fun, flirty and laugh out loud rom com series of short stories.The girls are off to a beach house to catch some rays – and if they play their cards right – super hot guys!

With drinking games in the name of Gucci, a surprise visit from a very pissed off Zack and hunks galore, Miami is turning into their best stop yet. Not to mention Ciara finally comes up with a way to have her cake and eat it too!

My review

I always worry when I read the follow up of a great book like the first one in this series, will it be as good as the first one or will I be disappointed? No reason to worry in this case, Misbehaving in Miami has the same funny flirty feeling of the first book, but there were also some more romantic and serious (Elle’s behaviour makes me wonder…) undertones. My curiosity is picked … bring on the third book Aimee!


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