5 stars · Celebrity · Contemporary · Romance · Sport · Tule Publishing

A Very Married Christmas


cover55125-small[1]By Erika Marks

Cookbook author Marley Chambers can’t think of a more festive way to spend Christmas than at a friend’s holiday wedding in her hometown of Magnolia Bay. If only her soon-to-be ex-husband, all-star pitcher, Beckett “Beck” Chambers wasn’t bringing his new girlfriend—and if only he wasn’t still the sexiest man to ever walk out onto the mound…
Beck never wanted the chaotic life of a sport star—especially not at the cost of his marriage to the only woman he’s ever truly loved. But his career is a runaway train—and he’s afraid it’s too late to hit the brakes.
But when a mix-up leaves Beck and Marley stranded together for Christmas Eve on the barrier island where Beck proposed years before, old memories burn bright—and sparks fly hotter than a bonfire on the beach.
Could the magic of the season bring the gift of a second chance, just in time for Christmas?

My review:

Attending your good friends “destination” wedding with your best friend as your date while your soon to be ex-husband brings his hot young girlfriend shouldn’t be a problem, after all Marley filed for the divorce and told Beck to move on … now she only has to get her emotions in check, easier said than done.
I loved the setting of the book, now I want to spend Christmas in Magnolia Bay. The story is short, but due to their history as a couple the love between the characters doesn’t feel rushed.
If you liked the Montana Born Books from Tule Publishing you will love this one.


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