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Who I Am with You (Unexpected Heroes #1.5)


23208835[1]By Melody Anne

As a motocross rider, Taylor Winchester has made a career out of throwing herself headfirst into danger, as fiercely as any of the guys racing against her. But after a brutal crash, she takes a little forced R&R while her injuries heal. Her mom wishes she’d settle down, find love, maybe have a baby or two…but all Taylor wants is to get back on her bike.

She heads to her brother Hawk’s cabin to get a little peace and quiet—but is shocked to discover she’s not the only inhabitant. Ex-military man Travis, her high school crush, has also borrowed the cabin, and the two of them are each too stubborn to let the other one win. Nothing left to do but share the cabin…which quickly leads to sharing a bed! As Taylor and Travis discover that the heat between them is far more than a fling, they both struggle with letting go of control. But if they learn to give a little, what they could win is worth more than any prize…

My review

A sexy second chance on love book. I have read books by the same author before and often felt them to be a bit too slow in the middle. Not the case here, it had a great pace. Really enjoyable!



Goodreads: Who I Am with You (Unexpected Heroes #1.5)

Amazon.com: Who I Am with You (Unexpected Heroes series Book 2)

Amazon.ca: Who I Am with You (Unexpected Heroes series)


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