A Month of Sundays


25260779[1]By R.L. Syme, Lavender Daye

Joe Walker made a bet. His friends want him to date a frumpy librarian for at least a month, and while Joe is less than keen, he needs the carrot they offer. Almost a hundred thousand dollars to be invested in his business.

Krista considers herself to be a serious woman, a master’s graduate, a librarian… and she has a plan for the children of Somewhere, TX. When Joe approaches her, insisting they should date, she knows him by reputation. He’s not the kind of man a librarian should date. But in person, he proves to be more persuasive than she anticipated, and she soon finds herself agreeing to a month of Sundays.

Joe’s friends are convinced they can turn him from a playboy into a serious adult, but he’s not going to play by the rules…. none of them…

This book is a follow-up to our first boxed set, TEXAS SUNRISE.

My review

I enjoyed the book. It is a fairly quick read with very little background given, the scenes described are mostly the meetings between the two main characters. The book is a sequel to the Texas Sunrise boxed set (which I haven’t read), and I have a feeling that it’s preferable to read the boxed set first.


Goodreads: A Month of Sundays

Amazon.com: A Month of Sundays (Somewhere, TX Book 6)

Amazon.ca: A Month of Sundays (Somewhere, TX Book 6)


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