4 stars · Historical · Romance · SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca

A Scandalous Adventure (Victorian Adventures #3)



By Lillian Marek

They’re hiding a scandalous secret
When his monarch’s flighty fiancée disappears, Count Maximillian von Staufer is dispatched to find her. His search leads Max to discover not the princess, but a look-alike who could be her double. Desperate to avoid an international crisis, he conceives a plan that will buy some time—and allow him to get to know a beautiful Englishwoman.

And time is running out
Lady Susannah Tremaine and her young friend Olivia are staying at the Grand Hotel in Baden, where so far the most exciting part of the visit has been the pastries. But when a devastatingly handsome royal German officer asks Olivia to impersonate a missing princess, Susannah finds herself drawn into a dangerous world of international intrigue as she tries to protect her friend—and her heart.

My review

A fun adventure in Victorian Germany, the book gives the reader a well rounded romance story in an unusual setting. I mostly enjoyed the setting in Southern Germany, but sometimes was troubled by little details.I was born in the region and grew up about an hour from Sigmaringen, therefore little geographical or historical “adjustments” by the writer confused me. I’m sure not many readers will have this problem 🙂


Schloss Sigmaringen (Source: http://www.schloss-sigmaringen.de/)


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