British · Carina UK · Female sleuth · Historical · Mystery

Diamonds of Death (Lady Alkmene Callender Mysteries #2)



By Vivian Conroy

A family of secrets…

After hearing about the vicious murder of her relation, Lord Winters, Lady Alkmene is intrigued to find out that the cat burglar found standing over his body, the safebox emptied of jewels, might not be the murderer after all…

Reporter Jake Dubois believes an innocent man has been imprisoned and turns to Lady Alkmene to assist him in uncovering the truth and finding the real killer – who might just be one of Winters’ own family.

This mystery will test Lady Alkmene to the limit. As she and Jake delve into family secrets, Lady Alkmene isn’t sure who she can trust or who is telling the truth. And even the connection between them might not be enough to save Lady Alkmene from becoming the next victim in search of the diamonds of death…

My review

The second book featuring Lady Alkmene is as lovely as the first one. I would have prefered a bit more banter between her and Jake, but otherwise the story was good. It was quite clear from the beginning who the bad guy was, but it was still very interesting to see Lady Alkmene untangle the knot of lies. Can’t wait to read more adventures with Alkmene and Jake …


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