4 stars · 5 stars · Celebrity · Contemporary · Millionaire · Romance

Stiff Drink (Runaway Billionaires #2: Arthur Duet #1)



By Blair Babylon

Genevieve is a lawyer, not a babysitter, and certainly not a dog trainer. She is just about to become a full barrister, a British attorney, when her law mentor dies unexpectedly. She is shuffled off to another barrister, one who’s nothing at all like her kind and decent former mentor, and then she is assigned the office’s worst case: Arthur Finch-Hatten, six-feet and four-inches of ripped, loaded, hot English nobleman who is wasting his life and his inherited estate so audaciously that his younger brother is suing him for control of their family’s earldom. There is a darn good chance that Arthur will lose everything.

Unless he shapes up.

Her new boss hasn’t been able to convince Arthur to mend his ways. His uncle’s lectures haven’t had any effect on his depraved debauchery and lavish lifestyle.

The only way for Genevieve to become a barrister is to win Arthur’s case, and the only way to win his case and save his earldom is to keep him from spending his days hungover in bed and his nights pouring Cristal on naked, drunk women before flying off in his private jumbo jet to the next party.

Arthur was enough to make any woman need a stiff drink.

My review

My “problem” with Blair Babylon’s books is always the same: she creates great complex characters which stay with me a long time after finishing the book. Her stories are never done after I close the book I think about the characters, analyze each situation, go back and forth on their actions and thoughts. I flew through the book and loved it, but once done I was thinking about the story and a two things started to irritate me: I really can’t imagine on which grounds Arthur’s brother could win his claim, I haven’t never heard of Earldoms being inherited because you deserve it? The second thing is the relationship between Arthur and Gen, just because your bosses know it’s a scam doesn’t mean will not be seen as unethical. I’m really excited to find out if things get a bit clearer in the second installment …


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